Making an order on our web site mean that the terms and conditions were accepted, as below:

- minivan rental price

- reservation should be done by filling an attached form on our website, by mail or fax.

- the reservation can be done only by a person that is at least 18 years old

- filling the e- form or ordering by mail or fax mean that you have accepted the contracted service

- we will accept your order only if it has been sent not later than a day before the expected service

- we do not accept payments by credit cards online

- the payment has to be done directly to the driver before departure, or by a bank wire if you order more services

- after making an order we will sent you a voucher confirming your reservation for a specific transfer or service

- for your comfort we shall sent you a map that will indicate exactly where the driver will be waiting for you

- please do not forget to take printed version of your voucher and a map

- the driver will ask you to give him a voucher

- the driver will then take you to the car where he will place the baggage in the trunk

- please check if all your baggage is there before the departure.

- the driver can ask a passenger to show him his passport to identify the reservation voucher

- while you make your reservation please indicate us all necessary data like the time of flight arrival, or your personal data, so we can easier spot you, and make our service really great

- in case if you expect a delay of more than two hours pleases let us know about that to avoid any unexpected charges

- if the delay is longer than 2 hours we will additionally charge you with 200 BAHT/ hour of overtime

- our services do have a highest class local insurance in case of an accident

- if the car will break on the way, we will do all our best to supply you with the alternative source of transport so you can arrive to your destination place

- in case you will not be able to arrive to the airport and will miss your flight due to a clear Thai Transfer fault, the company will pay you back the money for the flight you have missed

- remember you are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol on board of our minivans.

- please be aware that our minivans do not have special seats for children.

- payment will be done according to all the information provided on the voucher

- transfer cancellation can happen any time

- if you will cancel max 24 hours before the transfer you will be obliged to pay a full fee – 100%, cancellation more then 24 hours before the departure is free of charge minus costs of banking transfers fee.

- we would like to ensure you that our cars are clean and in the excellent technical condition

- the chairs have the safety belts but according to the local regulations you do not need to use them, though it s recommended

- the price of the service is included in the service price list

the VAT tax is included in the price

- in case of loss of some of your personal belongings that were left inside the car you can collect them at Thai Transfer office in Bangkok, we will keep them up to 14 days from a transfer. If something will be found in the care we will let you know

- after 14 days if no one will claim the loss, nobody would like to collect the lost item we will give them to poor people and Thai Transfer is not responsible for the lost things after 14 days

- the amount of people in the car cannot be higher than the amount of people claimed in the reservation, each additional person will pay 500 baht of the additional charge

- the driver is responsible for loading, unloading the baggage and opening/ closing the door

- we would like to inform that any damages done by you with our accessories, leather of the seats paint of the car etc will be charged back to you at the level of 3000 BAHT or even more, depending of the damage

- due to your safety and security we would like to inform that our cars have a camera to monitor the road and the inside of the car.

- Thai Transfer will have a right to check the order ( credibility ) and cancel the order if we are not sure that the other party will be able to make a payment

- in case if you are not happy with our drivers or the quality of the car please contact us by mail or phone, in evident cases, bad or insufficient service we would be giving back the fee to you

- the drivers are always waiting for you with an A4 paper with the name of a person that has to be picked up.

- the drivers are obliged to wait at the given place to appoint you as indicated in the map

- in case you have a difficulty with finding our driver up to 10 min please contact our phone numbers given on the voucher so we can help you to find the driver or him to find you

- please be advised the Thai tradition is - if you are happy with the service of the driver tips are highly appreciated

- each minivan has a free wifi the password you can find inside the car behind the driver seat

- the maximum amount of passengers with baggage in the car is 8

- all things concerning the transfer or any other our services you can agree by email


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