Temperatures in Bangkok and all over Thailand. Many people, upon arrival, are surprised by how high the temperature is in Bangkok after leaving the plane. The hot air that hits the face of the portafi to surprise. Added to this is high humidity which feels quite strong. In Bangkok, almost all year round there is a similar weather, that is sun, sun and sun again.

Only sometimes some clouds come out, which bring rains in the rainy season, lasting a short time and most often after about an hour or two the sun returns. The temperature in Bangkok hovers around 33 degrees. During the year, there is only a short time in December or January when it can drop to about 20 degrees for about a few days or a week. On the other hand, from March to June there is the hottest time, when some days can be at this standard temperature of around 33 degrees, and some days the temperature may rise to between 36 and even 40 degrees. The humidity of course varies a little, depending on the season and whether it is a dry day in the dry season or after rainfall in the rainy season. In other parts of the country the weather is slightly different, but not too much. In the north of the country the temperatures are slightly lower most often, about 2-3 degrees, and in the far south they are often slightly higher than in the central part of the country and a few degrees. Certainly, when you come to Thailand, you should have accessories that help in the sun when planning or taking long walks in the open space. And what is important, it is worth remembering to drink water frequently to avoid dehydration.

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