Frequent travelers stopping in Bangkok ask questions in various forums about how long it is worth staying in Bangkok. The answer is not unequivocal, because everything depends on what a given person likes. Some give hints that one day is enough and it is better to escape to the south of the country or in other directions to get to know the country.

There are also people suggesting that they spend up to a week in Bangkok and don't regret that time exploring the many places it has to offer. In fact, in Bangkok you can visit the most important attractions in 2 days with a good tourist guide, and you can also visit the city in one night. If you want to visit it yourself, you can prepare yourself for a 3 or 4-day stay to get to know what the most important has to offer, because moving around the agglomeration alone will take a slower time to travel. In addition, trips to the former capital of Ayutthaya for 1 day, 1 day at the Damnoen Saduak water market, or 2 days at the Kwai River and Erawan park for 2 days may be considered. In addition, one day after arrival is important for rest or switching to the time zone, especially for those arriving from Europe or America.

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