A lot of information is circulating on the internet about the weather in Thailand, but to be sure what it is really worth checking it yourself. Arriving in Bangkok, if they do not use the sleeve at the airport, they can feel the atmosphere already when leaving the plane on the stairs, because the heat of hot air will hit their face.

Humid climate, almost windless weather, and a slightly different smell that you can smell around. Some people love this climate and just wait until they can bask in the rays of heat again, while others feel quickly tired and too hot. Bangkok is one of the hottest capitals in the world according to data provided by weather analysis portals. The average reported annual temperature is around 33 degrees. But there are days when the highest temperature fluctuates around 40 degrees Celsius, and for a few days a year it usually drops below 20 degrees during the day in December or January.

Tourists will discover the true charm of the weather during their second day of stay in Bangkok, as after breakfast they go sightseeing in the city. Many of them very quickly find out that their idea of ​​warmth often does not match what they find in reality. After two hours of exploring the city, for example, they start looking for a place where you can find a moment of rest. The search for a room with air conditioning or a cold drink to chill is a basic thought after a fairly short time. Many people wonder whether visiting Bangkok with a guide is better to take a walk around the city, or maybe with the help of transport, such as a minivan with air conditioning. Opinions are obviously divided, as always with everything. Reasonable information can be as follows, if someone wants to have the pleasure of sightseeing, often with the possibility of a little relaxation and refreshment, it is worth choosing a trip with a local minivan and air conditioning, where you can have a short break in the car and drink cool water or another drink.

The use of such transport does not eliminate the feeling of the city's atmosphere, the use of its usual street attractions, including local transport, which can also be used temporarily. During a day-long walk around the city, feeling the temperature of about 35 degrees on yourself, you can feel weak quite quickly, not to mention how you can get sweaty, which will also cause a lot of discomfort. There are places where you can come in for a while and cool your body down, like grocery stores 7/11, but we know that using shop air conditioning for a while is not the same. You can always leave some of your personal belongings in the car, so as not to carry them in the heat to various attractions, especially if in some temples it is obligatory to dress covering the whole body, and after leaving them, you can change into short clothes and some of them in the car leave in the car.

To explore the city in a hot climate, you can choose the option that is closer to the needs of each person or group. You can economically explore the city on foot to be exhausted at the end of the day and look for a break, or you can go on a trip with car transport to spend such a day in Bangkok efficiently and with more rest, and after it it is easier to have the strength to explore the city in the evening or at night. Always a Bangkok by night trip is a complement to what you get to know during the day.

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