Temperatures in Bangkok and all over Thailand. Many people, upon arrival, are surprised by how high the temperature is in Bangkok after leaving the plane. The hot air that hits the face of the portafi to surprise. Added to this is high humidity which feels quite strong. In Bangkok, almost all year round there is a similar weather, that is sun, sun and sun again.

Frequent travelers stopping in Bangkok ask questions in various forums about how long it is worth staying in Bangkok. The answer is not unequivocal, because everything depends on what a given person likes. Some give hints that one day is enough and it is better to escape to the south of the country or in other directions to get to know the country.

A lot of information is circulating on the internet about the weather in Thailand, but to be sure what it is really worth checking it yourself. Arriving in Bangkok, if they do not use the sleeve at the airport, they can feel the atmosphere already when leaving the plane on the stairs, because the heat of hot air will hit their face.

There are many options for accommodation in Bangkok. From the Don Mueang airport itself or Suvarnabhumi lute there are many more expensive and cheaper hotels or guest houses.

It is always a big question for arriving people to a new country how everything will look out of place, how to get to the city center from the airport as safely as possible. For this you should first browse the information on the Internet to choose the best option for you.

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