There are many options for accommodation in Bangkok. From the Don Mueang airport itself or Suvarnabhumi lute there are many more expensive and cheaper hotels or guest houses.

It is always a big question for arriving people to a new country how everything will look out of place, how to get to the city center from the airport as safely as possible. For this you should first browse the information on the Internet to choose the best option for you.

Arriving in Bangkok, we have two airports at which we can land. The first haunted airport is Don Mueang, which is now reopened after a low passenger service break, and the newer Suvarnabhumi airport to service international passengers. The first of them is located in the northern part of the city and consists of 2 terminals.

Bangkok is now the most visited city in the world

The country’s capital - Bangkok - is now the most visited city in the world by international tourists, according to the third annual Global Destination Cities Index released by MasterCard. Bangkok beat London, last year’s No. 1 tourist destination, by less than 1%.

Bangkok Second Cheapest Cities

Oslo has topped a list of the world's most expensive cities compiled by price comparison site PriceRunner. All Scandinavian capitals are in the top seven, while Bangkok is the second most affordable city in the world.

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