A lot of changes await Thailand in the near future. From July 1, the government is to begin loosening the restrictions related to the pandemic. The first steps are mainly to concern the provinces in the south of the country, which live mainly from tourism.  Koh Samui is hoping to also reopen to vaccinated foreign tourists on July 1. At this stage it’s a proposal that will need to be approved by the CESA and CCSA.

Phuket Sandbox starts on July 1: TAT

PHUKET: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has given the green light and Phuket will reopen to fully vaccinated foreign tourists on July 1, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Governor Yuthasak Supasorn has confirmed.

As life slowly returns to normal in European countries, Thai airlines begin test flights on the route between Phuket and Europe , ahead of the southern island’s July 1 re-opening. The national carrier, currently in the throes of restructing after teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, has started selling direct flights from 4 European cities to Phuket.

To save the situation in the taxi industry, Bangkok's management made a decision to vaccinate taxi drivers initially, as the number of customers using their services decreased significantly. At a time when customers are hard to find, some taxis are getting a boost by advertising their Covid-19 safety with a “Vaccine” sign for any cabbie who’s had their jabs.

Many tourists coming to Thailand after learning about local dishes in restaurants or street bars look for opportunities to learn about the preparation of at least selected dishes. Thai food is renowned worldwide for its colourful and exciting recipes and ingredients.

Bangkok was the biggest winner in the ranking of the most popular tourist destination in 2019.

Each year, the destinations are analyzed where tourists travel, which cities are more popular with visitors, which places have more interesting things to offer.

Thai consumers plan to avoid using cash after pandemic ends

A study on consumer payment attitudes by Visa showed nearly half of all Thai consumers (45 per cent) were likely to avoid using cash after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

Hotels in the capital of Thailand offer an enormous amount to choose from. A very large selection of items in both 3-star, 4 and 5-star categories. One of the things that will be for travelers to choose from is the location or the nature of the place.

Thailand to issue international vaccine passport for travellers

It is like plan for other countries to use this vaccine passport for travellers.Thailand will realdy soon for this.

Good news for travellers

Phuket will open for tourists with no quarantine from 1st  July 2021

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