Useful Thai phrases

One of the best parts of travelling is learning a new language.And if you’re heading to Thailand, the Thai

language is one of the most charming in the world.

It’s a tonal language and although it can be difficult

to learn, there are so many melodic Thai phrases you’ll just love to practice. Using Polite Endings

In Thailand, it’s customary to finish a sentence or complete thought with the words ka or krap. These

polite participles are used to show respect and politeness and make the sentence ‘sound nicer’ to Thai

ears.Women always say ka and men always say krap. It doesn’t matter who you’re speaking to, just who

you are.From the classic Thai greetings to meaningful phrases.Thai words to learn before you visit  Thailand.

Basic Phrases

Hello | Sa-wat-dee ( krab/ka )

How are you ? | Sa-bai-dee-mai ( krab/ka )

Thank you | Kop-koon ( krab/ka )

You’re welcome. | Yin-dee ( krab/ka )

Excuse me. / Sorry. | Koe-tohd ( krab/ka )

No problem | Mai-pen-rai ( krab/ka )

Yes / No | Chai / Mai- chai ( krab/ka )

How much is it? | Ra- ka- tao- rai ( krab/ka )

Please give me discount | Lod -hai-noi ( krab/ka )

I don’t want it  | Mai-oaw  ( krab/ka )

My name is…. | Chan-chue…………( krab/ka )

Can you speak english? | Puud-pa-sa-ang-glid-dai-mai ( krab/ka ),

Cheers  | Chon-keaw

Amazing  | Sud-yod

So beautiful | Suoy-mak-mak

Not spicy  | Mai-phed

Please make it not spicy  | Kho-mai-phed ( krab/ka )

So testy | Aroi- mak ( krab/ka )

Water | Nam-plao

Where is ………. ? | ……….Yuu-thi-nai ( krab/ka )

Left  | Saii

Right  | Kwaa


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